What is an Essay?

An Essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the author’s own argument — but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of a paper, an article, a pamphlet, and a short story.

There different types of essays which are narrative, descriptive, definitive, illustrative, argumentative, speculative, or interpretative. Other essays may focus on classification or definition.

A lot of individuals find essay writing to be very difficult and sometimes shy away from it for several reasons mainly not knowing how to start or what to write on, these tips should help you get yourself and your essay together in no distant time.

Things To Know Before Writing An Essay

1. Use an active voice (active verbs and sentences)
2. Don’t use long words where shorter words will suffice
3. Avoid clichés that often appear in print
4. Be original. Avoid plagiarism. Use a plagiarism checker, if in doubt.
5. Delete redundant words

What Are The Components/Elements Of A Good Essay?

All essays can be divided into three major parts; the beginning, the body and the conclusion.

Please pay very keen attention as you read on because we will be explaining each of these components extensively

The Beginning

Just like the name implies, this is the starting of your essay and should very well carry the topic and the introduction of your essay, for more understanding let’s further look at “The Topic” & “The Introduction”

The Topic

When choosing a topic to write an essay on, it is advisable to pick a topic you are passionate about and you are to make do of any material you can lay hands on for research so as to get the best results in facts.

The Introduction

This part is also known as the “Thesis” which means a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved. This is to say that the introduction is where you can gain the attention of your reader or kill it, it is like building a house on either a solid rocklike foundation or on a sinking sand foundation, if you have a good introduction your house (essay) is on the solid rocklike foundation but if you do not have a good introduction then your house (essay) is on the sinking sand foundation and you are screwed.

The Middle/The Body

The middle/The body is known by several names, but in all it is one of the most important parts of your easy because you write all your analysis here and create amazing paragraphs, but do be careful not to immediately spill the high point of the essay rather “save the best for last” and with every paragraph make the readers get hungrier for the end and this will keep them glued to your essay.

The Conclusion

This is the last part of an essay and is believed to be the easiest part to write but to be honest, that is not the case and many writers know this and choose not to underrate the conclusion part of an essay. Most conclusions start with words and phrases like ‘in the end’, ‘in conclusion’, ‘in summary’, ‘finally’, etc. Of course, you can choose not to use these word so as to conclude the essay even without your reader knowing, without living a doubt, thereby catching them unaware. There are no rules that say you must come up and write your conclusion at the end of your essay, you can very well have it already on your head before ending your essay, and write it somewhere even before you finish your essay.

I hope you find this tip helpful, and you can now go on to write many award-winning essays.

Sunday Aienoben (Author)

Founder & Chief Editor nigerialiteraryhub.com.ng