Firstly I will like to say welcome to, I will like to take this opportunity of my first post to tell you about myself, my blog and my goals as a blogger and for my blog.

My name is Sunday Aienoben and I am the Chief Editor of this magnificent blog, writing has always been one of my strongest attributes, even though I am more of a science-oriented fellow I have long been passionate about literature. When growing up I could remember been asked by people what I will like to be in future and I will reply saying a Pilot (i think every kid wanted to be one) and an Editor when asked: “Why an Editor?” I tell them, “I don’t know it’s just part of me.”

A talent does not flourish or thrive if you leave it without putting it to work or show it to the world, to be honest, you will be killing it a slow death if you just leave it alone, so, for this reason, I decided to take up a career in writing and like a good entrepreneur I monetized my craft and I got jobs with it and of course made some bucks.

I have several experiences writing for blogs, magazines, ghost-writing for authors, email newsletters, web contents, movie stories, bulletins etc and I am pleased to let you know that I am currently a Content Writer at and where I write a variety of articles ranging from Entertainment, Politics, to Lifestyle. My expertise/niche as a writer is centred on Arts & Humanities and Lifestyle but that does not nullify the fact that I am versatile.

Aside from been a writer or blogger online, I also have a life off the keyboard and cyberspace. I am a very down to earth guy, very funny and I am a big fan of sarcasm and I tend to be sarcastic when I see necessary (i call it seizing the opportunity lol). I play a lot, in fact, if you see me playing you will think I am not as old as I look, I love little kids so much, I am passionate about girl child education and a strong advocate for youth empowerment because I do believe that we the youths can make a difference if given an opportunity and with a solid foundation we will be like the house built on a solid rock, and “What will be our best weapon?” Reading, whether you like it or not knowledge is the TRUE power.

This is my first blog and I hope it doesn’t become my last, and like I earlier revealed I have a passion for writing, and blogging will give me the opportunity to write what I want and when I want it, it’s like freedom for writers. In as much as blogging is for the freedom of a writer, the readers too are put into paramount consideration, because without the readers I do not think the internet will read it hahaha, okay that was a lame joke right? but I hope I relayed a point.

On this blog I intend to try to make literature fun and books loved like Christmas day and birthdays especially by the youths and young-at-heart because in our country Nigeria where we live in, we see youths shunning literature & books and embracing more social media and showbiz, I am not saying it is a bad thing but what I am saying is that we should also take out time for different things other than social media and MTV Base, it will be healthy for the development of one’s vocabulary and diction, and most importantly the brain so as to avoid “Intellectual Penury” remember “Readers Are Leaders.”

As earlier mentioned, this is a blog that is set up to encourage and promote literature and celebrate the art in Nigeria, that’s much unlike other generic blogs out there on the cyberspace that post just about anything about everything, here at our sole niche is literature and we will do very well to ensuring that we deliver top-notch information in literary updates & news to our readers so as to enable you to be updated in the world of literature in Nigeria.

Adding to providing updates and news in the world of literature in Nigeria, we will also provide “Quote of the day” to motivate you and energize your spirit all through each day, this quotes will come from different parts of the world from writers, scientist, icons, freedom fighters etc, because when giving advice or inspiring, i believe “All hands should be on deck,” we also provide readers with recommended “Book of the month” in all genres of literature, and we will also provide a review for this book so as to give you an insight of what to expect or feel about the book and to make it even more fun and interactive readers can add their own reviews too, wonderful right? I know!!!

Also writers are not left out in the goodies of this blog, as we provide professional writing tips so as to ensure your unmatched output in your next project and also if you have just launched a book/novel you can let us know so as to advertise/promo your book project here for you and spread the word online, also if you have a very engaging article/short story/essay/poem that you feel will capture the minds of readers please feel free to contact us here so as to be guided on how to submit your work and of course credits for the work will be duly accorded you, so you do not have to worry about any form of copyright infringement. Also, if you will like to be featured on our “Authorpedia” category, where your biography and projects will be highlighted for readers to see who you are and what you offer, just contact us here now.

Sometimes we want a particular book or magazine but that book seems to be far from our grasp, well this is to let you know that we are your “Knight in shiny armour” because just by contacting and requesting for a book by providing us with the necessary details like name of book and author, we will comb every bookshelf on earth to ensure you have that book in your hands.

Like I said before this blog will also put our readers into paramount consideration and also let you join us in driving this blog to the height we want it to be and becoming a household name and a powerhouse in the circle of literature in Nigeria, so do not think otherwise. As readers you can always write comments on our posts, you are free to criticize or praise any point given and feel free to ask any question you want and an answer will be given to you asap, you can also contact us via all our social media handles and email by navigating here or if you choose to discuss with me personally and ask me whatever question you want to, feel free to hit me on all my social media by clicking here I am always pleased to hear from you.

Like every business or projects, there are certain goals set to be achieved and with the grace of God and faith, It will come to pass. One of our greatest set goals is to be the No.1 go-to blog for everything literary so as to build a very high traffic and visitor base, also we have set plans to expand this blog and make it an employer of labour so as to provide not just employment opportunities but also working experiences for people to add to Résumé/CV and of course a means of livelihood. In the nearest future we hope to have an office space, active youtube channel for literary shows/expos, interactive sections and interviews with upcoming writers and top literary giants like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Wole Soyinka, Helon Habila Ngalabak, Ben Okri etc also cover the major literary award shows and dinners in a bid to bring maximum updates to our readers and lovers of literature.

Thank you for taking out time to read my official first post in my blog, I decided to take this opportunity to explain who I am and what this blog is about so as to relay a strong message as to what to expect whenever you open this blog or search it on google or any other search engine.

Stay Blessed and God Bless You Greatly!!!

Sunday Aienoben (Author)

Founder & Chief Editor